Sybilla is a robust, but friendly, humanist slab serif well suitable for broad range of design projects. A true workhorse and superb text type family, Sybilla was especially designed with legibility in mind. Its soft almost cursive shapes and generous internal spaces define a slab serif that is easier on the reader’s eye and help establish a feeling of warmth and friendliness.

The type family consists of eight weights with complimentary italics. While the Light, Book, Regular and Medium weights are great performers for body text, the Thin, Bold and Heavy weights make an excellent choice for headlines. Also there is the specially designed Ultra weight if extra punch is needed. Sybilla has extensive multilingual support and specially designed Cyrillic that works harmoniously with its Latin counterparts – a perfect choice for design projects that need both writing systems running side by side.


  • 8 weights

  • 500+ Glyphs

  • 80+ Supported languages

  • True Italics

  • OpenType features:

    • Standard + extended ligatures
    • Proportional and Oldstyle figures
    • Historical forms

Live Font Tester

Alfredo just must bring very exciting news to the plaza quickly.
Would you please examine both sizes of jade figures very quickly?
Many big jackdaws quickly zipped over the fox pen.

Please note that only a handful of selected styles is available on the live font tester. For more styles and options, please head to the font marketplaces listed below.




$1995(per 1 SKU)
  • Single typeface style
  • Regular or Italic = 1 Font

Complete Family

$15995(per 1 SKU)
  • All 3 sub-families with 7 weights each
  • 8 Regulars + 8 Italics = 16 Fonts