1. FM Bolyar Pro

    Elegant, Majestic and Impressive – Bolyar Pro is type family is suitable for designing letterheads, logos, identity, stationary, bold headlines, as well as body texts for newspapers and magazines and last but not least - package and wine label design.
  2. FM Bolyar

      Elegant. Majestic. Versatile. Bolyar typeface by The Fontmaker – a sophisticated design, fusing the best from capitalis quadratta and copperplate gothic, is the fruit of combined efforts by the famous Bulgarian calligrapher and package designer Jordan Jelev and the promising type designer Vassil Kateliev.
  3. Gaytan Sans & Serif

        Gaytan (Bulgarian for braid) is a fresh new insight on archaic letterforms. A family of two unicase typefaces – a modernlooking sans and more classic looking serif, equipped with many alternates, sothey can suit any typographic taste.

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